Saturday, March 22, 2008

Websites to keep kids occupied

LindaSherman :I noticed you asked about kids sites and I came across this excellent post

JasonLBaptiste : check out kidzuidcpatton . I also recommend KidRocket

Will Brown My 3.5yr old likes the Disney shows:

Leah Jones My sister used YouTube a lot with my nephew to find videos of classic sesame street, trucks, trains and other vids.

cbensen for kids go to & go to the kids page - it's my old library site - lots of good stuff there


Anonymous said...

Hi Shashi, With some space for expansion here, let me add that my suggested post is from
Ann Handley is the Chief Content officer for and I think you'll like my referenced post from her "What is a Friend."

Anonymous said...

Here's another one from @ jquig99 Jane Quigley