Saturday, December 20, 2014

When Emotional Distances Matter and You Lose a Person You Love.

It is never a good thing when your  phone rings at mid-night. Yesterday Dec 19th 2014 we got the news that my father-in-law E Gopal Reddy passed away after almost two years of a struggle with leukemia. When your friends, colleagues and the community  participates in fund raising for cancer research you support their efforts  and never think that this will strike home so close.

In 2012 when we heard the first diagnosis, We rushed to be supportive to him and our family. It was a trying time for him a perfectly normal individual who loved being with people to suddenly struggling with his own health. 

What is the ROI of life? You suddenly realize that all you wanted was the ability to continue to experience life the same way.that you are familiar with. The first thing that you think of is how do we go back to status quo where everyone was happy meeting regularly and enjoying success and experience of living. 

My father in law was always kind, protective and always wanted others to be happy. He was always looking forward to other's happiness.

When you lose your favorite people, you realize that  you wish you had spent more time with them and the physical distance does not help. We wish we were closer and helped you in your journey to peace and happiness. Our last conversation was about making sure the kids were happy and taken care of. Thank you for all all that you did in bringing up your kids and making me part of the family. I hope you slept happily realizing your kids love you and are happy with the love and affection you have provided to them. RIP E Gopal Reddy

You were kind, you cared . We will miss you.

The memories of the happy times together will keep you in our minds forever.

We are on our way to India to be with the family. If you ever have a chance to help with the research and treatment of cancer, we hope you will contribute to your favorite cancer research foundation.