Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Your Dreams Are Your Motivation

Friday, February 13, 2015

Disturbing story. Walking visiting parent injured by police

This one hits home tearfully. A lot of us who moved here miss our parents and very often they come here to visit and be with their  grandkids.  They miss their community back home and one of the most enjoyable past times for visiting parents is to take a morning walk.

This story is sad because you can see from the video that force was unwarranted and the result is heartbreaking.  

This is not an isolated case.  My relatives have told me of being stopped and questioned by police while walking and they presumed it was since their whole face was covered with a scarf and a cap that they wrote due to the winter they address not accustomed to.

We always advice or elders to carry our business cards with our phone number , in case they got lost in their pockets.  Apparently reaching into the pocket can cause a reaction.  It's sad to think that this happened at  8 am in the morning not at night.

I however caution anyone reading this to generalize the US based on this.  Most law enforcement folks I have met are incredibly smart,  human and love their jobs and the community.  Many of the police departments are trained to handle instances where language is an issue.

If you see any elderly person taking a walk in your neighborhood hope you will say "hello"  and "thank you for visiting"

Story describing the incident with photos

Video from the dashcam and the original call to police