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Montgomery Council member Berliner urges President-elect Obama to include aging water mains in the proposed federal stimulus package

This is serious. In Montgomery County on Dec 23rd there was a water main burst about 10 minutes after I passed that point yesterday. I guess the gods were watching over me. See the news coverage here http://www.wtopnews.com/?nid=706&pid=0&sid=1557387&page=2 and here http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article5389887.ece

Here is the newsletter I received from Roger Berliner's office:

ROCKVILLE, Md., December 23, 2008—Montgomery County District 1 Councilmember Roger Berliner today urged President-elect Obama to include in the proposed federal stimulus package funding for aging water mains operated by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
Councilmember Berliner made his statements after visiting the scene of the break of a large 66-inch main near River Road in Bethesda today. The break caused major problems that led to people being rescued from their cars, the washout of part of the roadway and the early closing of all Montgomery County Public Schools.
“We have long known we are in a dangerous situation,” said Councilmember Berliner, who is a member of the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee and whose district includes the Bethesda area. “This latest incident underscores the urgent need for the federal government to include projects like fixing the infrastructure in neighborhoods like this in the federal stimulus package. We know that, without the federal government’s help, there are future incidents similar to today’s that are waiting to happen.”
The water main break occurred on River Road between Seven Locks Road and Fenway Drive. That section of River Road will remain closed until repairs can be made. Water pressure in area homes was affected. Nearby Suburban Hospital continued operation using its emergency water supply.
The WSSC serves more than 1.8 million residents in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. It operates and maintains seven water and wastewater plants, 5,500 miles of fresh water pipeline and more than 5,300 miles of sewer pipeline.
Over the past year, the County Council has attempted to work with WSSC representatives on a plan to address aging water mains that have been breaking at an increasing rate. This fall, the Montgomery and Prince George’s Councils approved the WSSC’s use of $1.6 million in the WSSC fund balance to inspect large mains like the one that broke today with high-tech equipment that could find problems before breaks occur.
However, Councilmember Berliner said he has been concerned that Montgomery and Prince George’s counties often have disagreed on the level of funding needed to address the WSSC’s infrastructure needs.
“We need to examine the organizational structure of the WSSC,” said Councilmember Berliner. “We need to determine whether the bi-county approach to our water main infrastructure is tenable going forward.”

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Do Not Push this Big Boy

Random picture from my commute. The fact that this truck owner decided to provide some humor I thought was fantastic. I am sure a lot of people on the Toll Road were smiling :)

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Do you like to go to the same service advisor each time?

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Where is the money coming from all these federal dollars that are being distributed. Do you look for particular people in customer service when you go to a company? Listen and comment

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Hello World ! Tv News Stations Call Barack Obama 44th President

Its 11.06 and I just heard CNN call Barack Obama the 44th President ( CNN used the term "projection")


This is the power of social media and the shape of things to come. How communication will be in future. How to engage communities and bring people together again. I am happy that i voted in this election as my first ever vote for a US Presidential election.

US Presidential Elections 2008 #votereport

I took some pictures outside the polling booth in Rockville Maryland. There was no line at 7 p.m one hour before the polls close. I think the number of questions were too much after the first screen that is for the Presidential election.
The questions about Early voting, slots and the Montgomery county taxes question were far too complicated. There should be a madatory limit to number of words. It should say - do you want taxes to go up yes or no .
US Presidential Elections 2008  #votereport
It was thrilling experience and I am eager to wait for the results and gauge how my vote made a difference. I am glad and hope the election results will be in before tomorrow morning. In India it take a few days for all the results to come in . Atleast when I was there.

US Presidential Elections 2008  #votereport

Vote Report : No Lines in Polling Booth and long line at Ben And Jerrys

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Vote Report : Rockville MD no lines

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Reading in the Economist : buymyshitpile.com

"Hey Washington, can you buy my bad investments too?" This is the premise behind the website http://www.buymyshitpile.com/ . Look at the submissions http://www.buymyshitpile.com/recent_shitpiles and if you feel inclined you can add to the list.

hey in these days you need a good laugh and this one has a message. I saw the reference of this website in the section " Heard on the Stump" in the Economist issue (Oct 4th to 10th)

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