Saturday, March 22, 2008

Practical Use of your Cell Phone Camera

If you get a new phone the chances are that your phone will have a camera. What do you do with that camera. Here are some responses from Twitter:

Carlos Graniar
take pics of my car at the airport parking lot before a trip.

cgranier : @shashib I also take camphone pics of poorly parked cars, but I never get around to sending them to

MarinaMartin That's a great idea. I take photos when I eat @dacort's food so I can replace exact size/flavor

Chris Brogan I had to email a photo of leeks back to my wife because I wasn't sure I had the right thing. :)

kirbyple travel tip - use the camphone to take pics of receipts, airline pics, your passport and email them to yourself for backup

What practical uses do you use your camera phone for ? In meeting rooms I sometimes take pictures of the whiteboard and make them into PDF docs using


Shawn said...

I just use my camphone to take pictures of things. But, I don't do a lot of important business-y type things.

Shashi B said...

Wow ! Shawno your flickr stream is so cool . Your phone must be having a great camera.

Anonymous said...

@cgranier Thanks for the tip. My husband often comments on bad parkers (I do think parking obsession is definitely a guy thing - in the "hunter" sphere). Now I can record them with my iPhone and let him decide how annoyed he really is later.

Anonymous said...

try instead.