Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lines at Key West Cafe Ft. Lauderdale Airport

I am flying back to BWI and took a cab from Coconut Grove to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Italy about 25 miles but the cab cost 80 dollars. More expensive than the DC area.

The "E" terminal where my flight is has one place open at 6 a.m. For anything to eat. The lines here are longer than the security line and growing. The place is called Key West Cafe. Reminds me of BWI from 7 years ago. Such sloppiness comes with not enough competition.

The rates of course were world std but not the efficiency. Airport authority are you listening ?
Update: 03/20/2008
Thanks Doug for your comment .From a business point of view here are some suggestions to make the experience better:
a) Allow the newsstands to sell water and Juices like Hudson news sells at many airports. The KEy West cafe was the only place to buy water after passing through security and its obvious that you cannot bring water in.
b) Have a series of vending machines for drinks.
c)Allow a McDonalds concession in terminal E.

This will make the experience of all the passengers much better specially in the peak hours. The line got longer and longer till 7.45 a.m when my flight started boarding.

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Doug Hadden said...

You would think that they would get competition from the Miami airport. Having been to both on a number of occasions, the Ft. Lauderdale airport is much better! In the competition of 2, you only need to be slightly better. In the Web 2/Globalization world, you really have to be better because it is all about bits and ideas.