Sunday, March 16, 2008

Funny SXSW Stories : Jonny Goldstein says he didn't find anyone in his bed at SXSW

Sorry Jonny for the sensational title to this post :) . At SXSW in Austin I hung out a lot with Scott Stead and Jonny Goldstein. These two are people who have been brought up to help people who are in trouble so they are absolute gems to have around.

Now to the story that lead to this sensational headline : Jonny had booked his hotel late so he chose to stay at the Austin International Hostel. On the first day as he went back to his room he found his bed occupied by another SXSW panelist. It was a mistake but it was something that cannot be corrected at that time of the night so Jonny the gentleman that he is slept on a couch in the lobby. Jonny is a very very humorous guy if you have seen his par-tay at you may know this already.
So after we joked about this midnight hijacking of his bed the second day as soon as I saw Jonny next morning the first thing he said " I am lucky there was nobody in my bed last night " :)

Now the other nice guy is Scott Stead -the funny story I have is the incident while trying to exit from the Austin parking lot. Now at midnight we are all searching for the parking ticket to exit the Garage from the garage in downtown Austin. We search everywhere for a long time and don't find the ticket anywhere.
Then we decide to follow a car out of the garage and dont succeed , then as if by magic the gate opems for us. All fo think this is magic ( maybe its the doing of the Swami - Network Solutions Social Media Swami ) and are happily out of the parking garage.

The mystery got solved the mext day. The parking system is that you pay in advance and no ticket is necessary for exiting the garage :). Thats another funny incident in our SXSW chapter


Anonymous said...

Jonny rocks. Sorry not to meet you at SXSW

Anonymous said...

Ha! Next time I'll book something further in advance! Still, it was kinda fun at the hostel. They had a great sun room with a view of the river, and I must say, the price was right.