Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Tuesday Meetup in DC feb 5th

Jill Foster is a superb person. I met her on Twitter and then at other Tweet-ups. DC Media Makers, Social Media Club DC. She is associated with DC web Women.

Her latest meetup invite :

SUPER TUESDAY February 5th, results-watch-twit-beer-fest at the Mayorga Cafe wifi,fun space,menu,beer
Time: "7 pm should be fine to settle in, beer-up for polls by 8"

This is the first US presidential election that I am voting in and I am looking forward to join and watch the action at this tweet-up.


jonathan goldstein said...

i will be there!

Christina said...

Oh that's exciting! I would love to be around Washington to absorb the atmosphere and the energy right now (as much as I complain about them, I am a total political junkie - love the whole process).

Shashi B said...

Thanks Christina ! You are so full of energy yourself on Twitter and at Thanks,

Jill Foster said...

Thanks for your kindness & generosity. Jonny Goldstein & I met earlier in the week and your name came up as "a great, warm person that we want to be around!" Thx for sharing your journey too about Network Solutions. You=guts! ...I sure hope you allow run-on sentences on your comment section. :)

Rachel Luxemburg said...

I'd be there but I'm in California! I'll wave at you guys from Twitter. -- @rslux