Sunday, June 28, 2009

Montgomery College's Driver Education program is a boon for parents

Boy ! Having a teenager ready for taking driving lessons can give many parent sleepless nights.   As part of the teen driver's procedure to get a provisional license after the learner's permit you have to take a driver education course which includes a 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. I did recollect that Montgomery College has a Driver Education program and of course it was my first choice.I love the Montgomery College and it has given me the opportunity to learn at my own pace so naturally I enrolled my kid also into this course.

Montgomery College's Driver Education course consists 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours Behind the Wheel. The cost for the Driver Education course is $325.00; non-Maryland residents add $160.00. They send the results directly to the MVA and I was in the car for the 6 hours behind the wheel instruction and I am really impressed by the Montgomery College instructors for both the class room and the practical driving. Defensive driving, driving on the highways was part of the behind the wheel instruction.I would have probably been scared teaching my teen but sitting in the back seat and letting the instructor do the scary part. The Montgomery College instructor who taught my daughter was very patient and generated a lot of confidence. I would recommend this course for parents in the Montgomery country area for their teen drivers.

Just thought I would pass on a few other details of Rookie driver licensing in the Montgomery County.

BTW - The MVA is doing a focus group for Parents of Teen drivers and I hope you will complete the short survey complete our Parent/Guardian Survey on Teen Driving.

Comments and feedback appreciated. How did you teach your teen to drive. Share your expereinces.

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Puff ! Puff ! Ouch - Hope you don't start

Puff ! puff ! ouch, originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda.

A salute to people who resisted

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Nice picture and great memories

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