Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flight Delays a Bane of Air travel in the US

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Today's Washington Post has a article on the flight delays
. I am irked by the fact that 4 hour delays are becoming routine and don't make the news anymore. Airline use weather as an exucse to cancel flights so they don't have to pay for passengers hotel rooms. The President himself has to intervene to make sure holiday air travel is smoother. I recorded this on my way to the airport to drop friends on their international travel.

On Twitter today atleast 6 people said that their flights were delayed.


Linda Sherman said...

Re your audio blog on airline service (great to hear your voice, Shashi)
Having been based in Tokyo and working for companies with overseas headquarters in Europe as well as a stint with Club Med, I have done a lot of international travel.
I agree that international airlines often outperform our domestic ones in terms of on-board pampering. (There are some, that will go nameless at this time, that way under-perform as well)
I do remember the very scary time when many US carriers were in bankruptcy and I am very relieved to see them pulled out of it.
The on-time record definitely differs by location. I have had pretty good luck at LAX.

Shashi B said...


Thanks for your comments. great to hear LAX is good.


iffatali said...

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