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Don't say Tata to Tata

family of four on scooter, originally uploaded by Carol Mitchell.

I was listening to a local Radio Station mock the features of the new Tata Nano - india's new car for only $2000.

The Radio station discussed - no airbags, no airconditioning, no radio. Do they even know that anything is better and probably more safer than what is in the picture above. I know that because I have sat on a scooter as a kid and 15 years ago used to take the family out on a scooter. We should realize that starvation does not mean " room service is late"

Tata Nano, The World's Cheapest Car in India by sujathafan.

Flickr photo courtesy Sujatha_fan

here is an except from an article in the Economist ( One of the world's best magazines)
But the Nano does not shake as it approaches its top speed of 105kph, and feels reassuringly stable. There is a crumple zone at the front, and a bar across the car, on which the front seats are mounted, improves rigidity in the event of a side impact. (It also doubles as a footrest for passengers in the back.)

Tata has filed for three dozen patents for the Nano, mostly for innovations that are out of sight. The designers found that there was no room for the battery in the back with the engine, for example. Placing it under the bonnet at the front, along with the spare tyre, would have required long, costly copper wires. To balance the car and save money, they put the battery under the driver’s seat—an example of the smart but ascetic engineering that can produce an impressive car for $2,000.

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