Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Singelringen _ Why leave the singles out.

I must confess I do not wear a ring. It's not because I want to hide the fact that I am married :). More because a)Terrified of losing the ring b)Back In India it did not seem like a tradition like it is here.

So I was surprised to see a new "social network" Singelringen. The membership to Singelringen Global Community comes through the purchase of the Singelringen. it seems like a cool concept the ring being unique it is easy to recognize the member.

In my quest to find out more after reading about it on LeahJone's Blog( leahJones on Twitter).I connected with LindaSherman who is Singelringen agent for North America,http://www.us.singelringen.com/.

I admire the Swedes for this concept. I have visited Stockholm 3 times
and still consider it one of the best cities I have visited. They are innovative - Ericksson , Saab, Volvo were Swedish companies. I have to ask a few of my single friends about their interest in this concept but then they may have already heard of this.

I asked Linda Sherman which ring is it usually worn and she said " Singelringen is worn on any finger on the right hand or on a neck chain or cord. There is no significance to where it is worn. The important thing is that the ring is unisex and always the same color so that it can be easily spotted."

Some more info on Singelringen:

Singelringen ("The Single Ring" in Swedish) is a unisex ring that serves to remind the single wearer that they are already complete; while open to possibilities. The ring features a turquoise acrylic layer shining over a sterling silver band engraved with "made in Sweden" and a unique registration number that provides access to the Singelringen Global Community. First introduced in Scandinavia in 2005, Singelringen is now worn by more than 150,000 singles in over 20 countries around the world. The ring has been spotted on LA celebrities including Terrence Howard, Madeline Zima, Mario Lopez, Haley Bennett and Corbin Bleu. Singelringen retails for $59.

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Blush Boutique said...

I love this ring and have purchased it for many of my single friends. Now if only they made a ring for the "In a relationship" set that ward off inquires like "so when are you getting married?!?!" :-)