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Dinner at sonoma charlotte nc

After the networksolutions sponsored networking event for small business at charlotte a few of the twitter folks got together adn hung out for smoozing

Dinner at sonoma charlotte nc

After the networksolutions sponsored networking event for small business at charlotte a few of the twitter folks got together adn hung out for smoozing

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On a gold rush trolley bus in downtown charlotte

This is a free ride in downtown and takes 24 min

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SOBCon 2008 in Chicago May 2-4

In case you missed my post that I am attending SOBCon 08 I am going to point you to a Audio promo for SobCon 08 put together by @jchutchins . JChutchins has a free audiobook thriller trilogy, 7th Son. All three novels -- Descent, Deceit and Destruction that are available for download on his website.
Network Solutions is participating in SOBCon 08 and will be giving away free website consults.

Chris Brogan - Searching for the Fabergé egg of Blogs -

I recently met Chris Brogan at SXSW even though I feel like I have known him for years. On his Blog has a post Easter Givaway- 100 Grooveshark Inviteswhere he outlines a way to snag the invites.

a) Let him know of a Blog that you think is a gem and receives less than 2 comments per post.
B) Link to the blog and then link to and send him an email ( blog [at] chrisbrogan [.] com) .

Chris - As usual you have excelled in trying to get everyone together.

The Blogs that I in my opinion are gems and deserve attention :

  • a blog where @nahumg discusses his analysis of the Social Media. Nahum is personally a great guy.
  • EastCoast Blogging Jimmy Gardner @jjgardner3 is always thinking of the community.
  • Itsdifferent4girls Linda Sherman has a vast experience as from the corp world to running her own business.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Practical Use of your Cell Phone Camera

If you get a new phone the chances are that your phone will have a camera. What do you do with that camera. Here are some responses from Twitter:

Carlos Graniar
take pics of my car at the airport parking lot before a trip.

cgranier : @shashib I also take camphone pics of poorly parked cars, but I never get around to sending them to

MarinaMartin That's a great idea. I take photos when I eat @dacort's food so I can replace exact size/flavor

Chris Brogan I had to email a photo of leeks back to my wife because I wasn't sure I had the right thing. :)

kirbyple travel tip - use the camphone to take pics of receipts, airline pics, your passport and email them to yourself for backup

What practical uses do you use your camera phone for ? In meeting rooms I sometimes take pictures of the whiteboard and make them into PDF docs using

Websites to keep kids occupied

LindaSherman :I noticed you asked about kids sites and I came across this excellent post

JasonLBaptiste : check out kidzuidcpatton . I also recommend KidRocket

Will Brown My 3.5yr old likes the Disney shows:

Leah Jones My sister used YouTube a lot with my nephew to find videos of classic sesame street, trucks, trains and other vids.

cbensen for kids go to & go to the kids page - it's my old library site - lots of good stuff there

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lines at Key West Cafe Ft. Lauderdale Airport

I am flying back to BWI and took a cab from Coconut Grove to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Italy about 25 miles but the cab cost 80 dollars. More expensive than the DC area.

The "E" terminal where my flight is has one place open at 6 a.m. For anything to eat. The lines here are longer than the security line and growing. The place is called Key West Cafe. Reminds me of BWI from 7 years ago. Such sloppiness comes with not enough competition.

The rates of course were world std but not the efficiency. Airport authority are you listening ?
Update: 03/20/2008
Thanks Doug for your comment .From a business point of view here are some suggestions to make the experience better:
a) Allow the newsstands to sell water and Juices like Hudson news sells at many airports. The KEy West cafe was the only place to buy water after passing through security and its obvious that you cannot bring water in.
b) Have a series of vending machines for drinks.
c)Allow a McDonalds concession in terminal E.

This will make the experience of all the passengers much better specially in the peak hours. The line got longer and longer till 7.45 a.m when my flight started boarding.

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In Miami Guy Kawasaki and Alexdc say hello !

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Uttering Live from the Sonesta Bay Hotel in Miami with @VicequeenMaria

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Miami Pictures -Here for the Network Solutions Small Business Networking Event with Guy Kawasaki





In taxi on the way to hotel

Miami 27 ave traffic

Comparing Southwest to Air Tran

When I came to the US 11 years, Air Tran was the first airline that I flew from DC to Savannah ,GA. At that time I carried an english novel with me so the air hostess would be sure I could speak English. The title of the novel I carried was incidentally Savannah.

Coming from India that was my first experience of the no frills kind of flying i should get used to in the US. Many years and many flights later I am comparing Southwest to Air Tran again both 2 low cost no frills airlines.

Boarding calls at Southwest seemed more orderly and the staff friendly. At Air Tran the staff actually asked people to stop talking. There was no pitch to upgrade to business class at Southwest but Air Tran was touting a $60 upgrade with free cocktails at 7 in the morning.

On the flight both airlines had friendly crew. Air Tran made 3 announcements not to use the toilet while at the gate. I thought that was excessive.

Southwest crew asks you your drink choice and writes them down. I prefer Southwest peanuts to biscoff from Air Tran.

Southwest crew came around 2 times to ask if we needed a second snack box.

Seat space may be slightly better at Air Tran.
I would rate Southwest higher than Air Tran as the crew were in the cabin when they were done talking to passengers instead of disappearing total the galley.

I am not sure why the lavatory occupied sign on Air Tran is in light green. Isn't green a signal for go ahead?

I still feel airlines in the US need to change from being a Greyhound service in the air to providea more value. Virgin America will make that change happen as it expands.

Next trip is on us air and I am not looking forward to it.

Another tip on BWI is that the express parking lot is good and there is always a coupon for that making it cheap at $9 per day for a,most a concierge type of service.

Second tip is that BWI airport is great for Southwest flights but ok for others. Southwest kind fo dominates the good terminals A , B, C.

Thanks for coming to my blog , if you like what I post please subscribe.

Written on my T Mobile Dash in airplane mode on Air Tran flight 150 to Miami.

Update :

Baggage claim : Southwest baggage claim was faster. Now I am not comparing this at the same airport so this is just my opinion.

update: 03/20/2008

On the return flight Air Tran 953 from Ft. Lauderdale to Baltimore Washington International BWI it was surprisingly different. No hard sell of cocktails and very subtle selling of upgrade purchase. No school marmish announcements ( "please stop talking "!) and the flight crew was great, asked several times for refills. Maybe the experience is inconsistent.

Baggage claim : On both Air Tran flights baggage was over 30 minutes and in both cases the belt assigned was changed without a public announcement and the display Tvs showing the wrong baggae claim belt number.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sci-Fi legend Arthur C Clarke passes away CBE (16 December 1917 - 19 March 2008

I remember Arthur C Clarke and the book 2001- Space Odyssey from my childhood. I was also fascinated by the fact that he stayed in Sri Lanka. That seemed so close to Madras where I did my schooling.

He will be remembered for bringing space closer to us through his writings.

Extract from Wikipedia:

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE (16 December 1917 - 19 March 2008) was a British science fiction author, inventor, and futurist, most famous for his novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, and for collaborating with director Stanley Kubrick on the film of the same name.

Twitter meetup Herndon - March 27th 7 p.m

Its that time again... All Twitterati within 100 miles of Herndon, VA are invited to a meet up dinner at Jimmy's in Herndon on the 27th of March (Reservations made thanks to @jeffhibbard - Mobile video king). Any outstation attendees welcome too.

Herndon is not metro accessible but you can take a bus from West Falls Church metro to Herndon park and ride and if you let me know I can give you a ride. Folks driving from DC may like some company :) so please use the comments here to ask or offer a ride.

Please RSVP here just to keep a count.

American legion Bridge Report - March 18th

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Lunch with Jeff Barr - March 24th 12.15 at Jimmys

Jeff Barr (@jeffbarr)fellow Twitter user and Tech. evangelist from Amazon Web Services will be in the Herndon-Reston area on the 24th of March. Just thought it would be nice to meet for lunch ( 12.15 apporx) and tweet up with him. Planning a table for 10 at Jimmy's in Herndon ( yes its becoming a Herndon tweetup place and thats because @jeffhibbard recommended it). Please email me/tweet me if you are interested. So far 3 people are confirmed. @jjgardner3 and @susanreynolds @badwolf

American legion Bridge Report - March 17th

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Funny SXSW Stories : Jonny Goldstein says he didn't find anyone in his bed at SXSW

Sorry Jonny for the sensational title to this post :) . At SXSW in Austin I hung out a lot with Scott Stead and Jonny Goldstein. These two are people who have been brought up to help people who are in trouble so they are absolute gems to have around.

Now to the story that lead to this sensational headline : Jonny had booked his hotel late so he chose to stay at the Austin International Hostel. On the first day as he went back to his room he found his bed occupied by another SXSW panelist. It was a mistake but it was something that cannot be corrected at that time of the night so Jonny the gentleman that he is slept on a couch in the lobby. Jonny is a very very humorous guy if you have seen his par-tay at you may know this already.
So after we joked about this midnight hijacking of his bed the second day as soon as I saw Jonny next morning the first thing he said " I am lucky there was nobody in my bed last night " :)

Now the other nice guy is Scott Stead -the funny story I have is the incident while trying to exit from the Austin parking lot. Now at midnight we are all searching for the parking ticket to exit the Garage from the garage in downtown Austin. We search everywhere for a long time and don't find the ticket anywhere.
Then we decide to follow a car out of the garage and dont succeed , then as if by magic the gate opems for us. All fo think this is magic ( maybe its the doing of the Swami - Network Solutions Social Media Swami ) and are happily out of the parking garage.

The mystery got solved the mext day. The parking system is that you pay in advance and no ticket is necessary for exiting the garage :). Thats another funny incident in our SXSW chapter

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At Scoot Inn Austin SXSW

Music and merry making

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No the martians have not landed

The screen burn games arcade at SXSW

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hostelling international austin - SXSW

this is a nice place for students and other money savers $18 a day near downtown austin by a lake

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saturday morning in austin _SXSW08 clear roads and nice and sunny

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Dinner with the DC guys jonnygoldstein and scottstead

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Hanging out with @scottstead at SXSW

One of the events was a mix at six a bar in downtown austin. Met darren howse of