Monday, January 28, 2008

Couples Want to be featured in the Washington Post ?

My friend Nancy Trejos wrote a article lst Sunday - that was really great about her journey to Columbia - See post below. She is looking for couples in the DC area to talk about personal finances (she is the personal finance reporter)Interested please contact me.


Would any couples out there, married or engaged or co-habitating, be
willing to share their insights on how they deal with money? Among some of
the questions to be asked: Do you talk much to each other about your
individual financial situations? Have you mixed your finances? How are you
dealing with the worsening economy? Are you tightening your belts at all
when it comes to money because of the fear of recession? If so, how much
did you discuss that with each other? This story would appear in early
February but interviews must be done this week.

Please email me for contact info. DC/MD/VA metro area couples only please.

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Marc said...

This should be an interesting article. With the recent local layoffs like those at Sprint, AOL and others I'm sure couples are having to work together to make ends meet. The Post's consumer base is also extremely varied by income levels. Seeing the answers she receives by family wealth level would make a good read.