Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now I am confused again - Dang Amenglish - What's a Caucus and What's a primary?

I am also using this Blog to learn and make sure others confused like me will benefit. So asked is question on Twitter - What is a Caucus and what is a primary.?

Here are some great responses. Thanks.

MichBel :It's basically the same thing. The difference is in the rules, how they do it. Caucuses are people talking, primaries are voting.

chrisbaskind A caucus is where bribery is okay.Caucuses allow you to do things that wouldn't be tolerated in standard voting situations

AlbertMaruggi Basically a caucus people gather at a place, listen to some speakers and declare for a candidate. This is a public pronouncement
A primary is more traditional voting in a ballot box. In some states they vote according to party registration,
Caucus states usually reward the better organized candidate, primary usually the better funded and messaged candidate

Caucus is a mass gathering of people who lobby each other. primaries decided in private voting booths

@nahumg Primary- an election. Caucus-people decide 2 participate & register & self select in their precinct.

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