Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fortune reports Hasbro to shut down Scrabulous ? Help

Fortune reports Hasbro, manufacturer of Scrabble, tries to shut down Scrabulous, an electronic version of the game gaining enormous success on Facebook. Not sure who is right or wrong but I love scrabulous and hope there is a way for this to end amicably and Fb users can continue to play.

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dcm said...


I love Scrabbulus (sp?) too, and believe it or not I had never played Scrabble in my life nor considered it. Imagine if Hasbro had the thought to actually advertise to the zillions of us playing on FB or the scrabulous site? Instead of being "bad guys" they could ride the wave and sell their old-style board game that is still pretty fun I imagine.

Unknown said...

Scrabulous is the only reason I even bother with Facebook anymore! I also use FB for DM's, but if push came to shove, I could do that in other places. Let's just hope this doesn't happen.