Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolutions/Predictions on the Social Media

In 2008 of course I need to exercise more ( The doctor was very emphatic). That starts from tomorrow. Being a participant in the Social Media also means the gurus will share their resolutions and you can pick the best of them to follow. I am trying to make it easier for myself and any one else who want to sit back and let the wise predict and resolve.

John Batelle : Scobelizer recommends John Batelle's predictions as being usually being quite near the mark.

Shel Israel's 10 2008 Resolutions. I tried to influence a 11th one to ignore all the previous 10 :)

TechCrunch Michael Arrington :2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without

A Twitter USername to track 2008 predictions: predictions08

In the geeky category : Anatole Tartakovsky

Funny but may be true from Phillipines :Abraham Olandres

Dan Farber & Larry Dignan: Social networking prediction for 2008

1938Media Loren Feldman: 2008 Predictions

Chris Green at ITPRO UK

Rumanian Blog perspective

2008 Predictions from South Africa from Vincent Maher

From ScobleizerLinks : Jeremy Toeman's LiveDigitally

Random predictions from Twitter :

Becky McCray; Predictions for 2008 - Many opportunities you must be prepared to seize! Learn, prepare, save, plan. Above all, enjoy, love, laugh!

DanielJohnsonJr : doing 2008 predictions on The Pod 5 Live: http://thepodfivelive.com

auritech : My prediction for the 2008? Someone will be elected President. Also: we will have an extra day in February. YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON IT

stedaviesMy prediction for 2008: Everyone's gonna make predictions for 2009. And get em wrong

HawaiiSEO: I Predict for 2008 - Google will add a URL shortening application to the Toolbar.

Please add any other you know or your own to the comments. Thanks.

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Daniel said...

Hi Shashi! Happy New Year to you. Thanks for mentioning what we were doing on The Pod 5! To hear the podcast where we went through the predictions, check out The Pod 5.

Make it a great day!