Friday, August 8, 2008

Have you heard of Boney M?

I remember asking people in the DC area if they had heard of Boney M a few years ago and got blank stares. On my trip to India I picked up a Boney M CD and I was listening to the songs as I was driving to work and enjoying it a lot. Nostalgia and memories :). I asked the question on Twitter Who here has heard of Boney M? and I was not expecting to get so many responses.

When Boney M toured Bangalore in the 80's they stayed at Hotel Ashok Bangalore where in my previous life I was the chef. I met Bobby Farell and his charming wife Jasmine Farell ( I am pretty sure in my mom's basement I will have some old pics). I think earlier this year Boney M came to Bangalore again to perform live so they still have a fan following in India.

From the Twitter responses it seems like Rasputin is everyone's favorite :)

I even got a link to this funny video that had me laughing.


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