Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cubicle Pranks and Productivity

I got this link on Twitter from @jowyang Jeremiah Owyang. Its worth the 5 minutes. I have a few cubicle wars and they involved wrapping the whole cube, tin foil, changing the direction of the cube and of course the popular filling the cube with packing bits.
In this video the company is thanked for having a sense of humor but its not identified.
I am sure there was enough supervision to make sure productivity was not affected.
The buddies shared he cost ( must be expensive)
probably  no fire code violation.
Now sometimes if the person gets offended then that stops all future pranks.
The question I have is :
Should the company have identified itself ? This is the kind of video that can spread virally. Would it help the company to identify itself ? Please comment and give me your opinion. Also look at the comments on the original video post and you will see some varying opinions

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