Saturday, January 5, 2008

Simple Movies are nice to watch

Just finished watching 'Waitress". The movie does leave you feeling good and the ending is positive. I always liked "rags to riches" stories. Not having been in to many small towns in the US I am curious about the depiction of the small town life in the movie ? Going and eating regularly in the same diner ? A diner that seems staffed just by 4 people?

I liked this dialog "I don't expect much, give much or get much" - Lew Temple as Cal the Diner owner in the Waitress

I did see a similar movie a few months ago that dealt with food or more precisely -spices- and their effect on life. The  movie is " Mistress of Spices" . Of course this movie is entirely a fairy tale and will interest people who like movies with some Asian culture( In this case from India).

Both movies will interest anyone who has time. I would rate Waitress and " Mistress of Spices" as a B.

If you are curious about the beautiful actress Aishwariya Rai nee Bachan then you should see the Mistress of spices.

The director is Gurinder chadha who also made "Bend it like Beckham"

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LYF108 said...

I love Waitress...and will def have to checkout the Mistress of Spices. Aishwariya is so gorgeous!