Thursday, January 3, 2008

DC Blogger meetup for January

Picture courtesy Andy Roth
I attended the December meetup Joe's post on the meetup has the detailsDumb Things I Have Done Lately: DC Blogger Meetup Runs Smack Into the DC Holiday Cop Surge.

The next one is on January 16th at RFD. This meetup is organized by the group through .

In the last meeting I had fun. RFD has a great selection of beer. The folks who attended were jolly and it was nice to meet new people.

Jade took my opinion on the presidential election
Joe of course was the life of the party
John Croston is a great guy.
Mathew Martin shared a lot of insights into the blogging community in DC
Ross Karchner used to work close to Network Solutions in Herndon and is now selling books on Ebay hopefully to fund the dinner at RFD :) for all of us.
Tommy Yuin wants to learn about blogging. Before long he will be a A list blogger :)
Andy Roth got some great camera equipment and we had a long conversation as we rode the metro back to Shady Grove.(He saw me take this picture) I hope Jim Gardner makes it to the next one then we can have 2 great photographers.

I hope GeoSteph and Fireton make it too as they are great people to hang with and of course hope the other DC bloggers show up.

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