Thursday, January 17, 2008

DC Blogger Meet up At RFD January 17th

It is always interesting to meet new people. I met with Jimmy Gardner at Shady Grove and we took the Metro to DC. It gave a good 30 - 40 minutes to talk. Jimmy is a great guy and he is looking to launch his startup soon. We met on Twitter and then met subsequently in meet ups and have become good friends.

Nahum took some great pictures. It was great to meet Technosailor-  Aaron Brazell who recommended a great beer ( see picture above) . Greg Gershman Is going to be announcing some good news in a few weeks I think which will be awesome. We spent a lot of time talking about his projects and I am planning to invite him to speak at a "learning Lunch at Network Solutions in Feb. As far as I know he built one of the first blog search engines.

I think compared to the 6 to 7 people who came to the Dec meet atleast 20 people showed up here. Nikolas the organizer took the bus and metro to be here. The last meeting he came all the way but could not get in since he did not have his id with him. he is a nice guy studying hard at UMD.

Jade and Cherle chatted about the elections. This is going to be the first time that I am voting. I met Jamy for the first time but did not get a chance to talk much. maybe next time.

Joe had his new cards which looked very cool. has a blog post about his cards . It is always nice to meet new people. More people should come to this meet. The restaurant asked that we book a table in advance so we should do that the next meet.

As usual RFD has great beer and I ate a fish sandwich which I enjoyed.

I borrowed the list if attendees from Brian Devines Blog

Aaron (technosailor)
Andrew (Pharm Country and Blog Pham)
Cherle (The Green House Cat)
Greg (gregword and dc tech beat)
Jade (Not Another Naked Girl)
Jamy (Grateful Dating)
Jimmy (East Cost Blogging)
Joe (dumb things i have done lately)
Leslie (Leslie Bradshaw)
Matthew (My Suburban Destiny and Mister SQL)
Nahum (Art Science)
Nikolas (Thought Torrent)
Ross (Ross Notes and DC Tech Events)
Shashi (Happening, advice & other technology thoughts)

and Zvi (With The Band and skeevisArts)


Unknown said...

Sounds like a fantastic time. You are really keeping the social in social networking!

briandevine said...

yeah, that was a lot of hyperlinking, good times - see you guys in feb.