Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Bowl, the mother of all shared events : Dallas News #sb45

Great article in the Dallas News on how social media is being used for SuperBowl 45 written by THEODORE KIM. You should definitely go to read the entire article : http://goo.gl/E9tUU an extract is below.

Did you see tweets from @visanfl ?

Last year, the NFL upped its Twitter engagement and, for the first time, tried to curate discussion about the Super Bowl by tagging all of its game-related tweets with the moniker #sb44.

This year, the league launched a section of its website devoted entirely to Twitter. It even has a sponsor: credit card giant Visa.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are stoking the passions of millions on Facebook. Athletes are tweeting out Super Bowl party plans.

And companies from Coca-Cola to Mercedes-Benz USA have unveiled elaborate social media strategies that just a few years ago might have seemed nonsensical.

Consider Super Bowl XLV in Arlington the Social Media Super Bowl, the first in which tools like Facebook and Twitter will play such a central role in advertising, promotions and fandom.

Social media is by no means a recent phenomenon. Yet only in recent years has it gained the kind of mainstream foothold on Madison Avenue and among fans that has turned it into a transformational force. It has, in essence, changed how fans, companies and athletes interact with each other.

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