Monday, January 12, 2009

Montgomery County - Volunteers helping adults to learn to read

i read in the Washington Post today that the Literary Council of Montgomery County is having an orientation session for volunteers interested in helping adults to learn to read , write and speak English on Thursday January 29th at 7.30 p.m in the Rockville library.


The LCMC depends on volunteers to tutor about 900 residents of Montgomery County every year.  The students are busy adults who need help learning to read, write and speak English. The tutors are busy adults, too so they enjoy the fact that they can tutor either close to home or work at their local library, at hours that are convenient to them.


Who can be a Tutor:

  • Ability to meet for two hours each week with a student, preferably one hour twice a week.
  • Ability to make a minimum one year commitment. 
  • Willingness to provide status and progress information each month about your student when a volunteer calls. 
  • Patience (adults learn more slowly than children).
  • Flexibility (our students have busy lives, too!).

learn more about the Literary Council of Maryland

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