Monday, May 12, 2008

Urgent please act :No More Free Parking at the Rockville Library?

Friends of the Library, Rockville Chapter and Members of the Rockville Library Advisory Committee

On Tuesday, May 13th the County Council plans to consider a hastily proposed resolution to eliminate the library parking subsidy.  This means that the policy adopted in April 2006, enabling Montgomery county library patrons to park for free near all of the county's libraries could be rescinded.

Please support free parking at all county libraries.

f you support free parking at the county’s libraries, please take the time to send an email, or contact your Council member to let them know of your support for this policy. (Council members’ emails are listed below)

Following are some important points:

· The policy was established after significant input and deliberation – and should not be rescinded without allowing enough time to adequately inform the public, provide opportunities for sufficient input and understand the impacts of such a change.

· Requiring paid parking at only two of the 22 branches will deprive some county residents of equal access to their libraries. 

· Imposing a parking fee would discourage library use for many patrons for whom driving is their only viable option for getting to the library.

· Many daytime library users, senior citizens on fixed incomes, the poor or the disabled, simply cannot afford to pay for parking

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