Friday, May 30, 2008

I heart you SouthWest Airlines but please fix this

Had another lovely flight to Chicago and back on the same day flying Southwest from Dulles airport. The fare was good and both times flight took off on time, Pilots were very social. Peanuts and drinks arrived on time. I love Southwest airlines. Now as airlines set expectations here are some things that I want them to fix.

  • The number printed on the boarding card specifying your line position is confusing.
    • I have known people confuse it for Gate numbers - who would not - if you had B24 printed on your boarding card.
    • Some passengers confused it for seat numbers on the plane
    • Commentary: When you can assign seats in the line it may be better and easier to continue that and make that your seat assignment and allot seats randomly.
  • Water service
    • I like the idea of the crew taking your drink order and bringing it to you on  a tray. i think the tray works better because unlike a drink trolley there is place for any passenger to pass the crew in the aisle.
      • My idea is already implemented in airlines in India. get small bottles that the crew can just hand over to people asking for water. Saves the time and labor of pouring into glasses. of course the water has to be cold.

I enjoy the scriptless way the crew makes the announcements on board- This comment had the whole plane laughing ""Contrary to popular belief, the button with a stewardess on it does not actually turn us on". ( tweet from TheregoesDave of theregoesdave,com) This particular flight had a crew member who had everyone in stitches all the time she made the announcement. People actually listened to the announcements instead of tuning out. How else could you have a cheerful plane load of passengers laughing and smiling getting down at 11.40 p.m at Dulles airport.

Thanks SouthWest for making it a pleasure but we need even more.

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