Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If only you knew this was not garbage

If only you knew this was not garbage
I don't want newspapers to die. Thats my quality time and sometimes that morphs into family time.
The plastic wrapped package above is today's (12/12/2007) Washington Post. It does not deserve this place. Newspapers particularly good ones(IMHO) like the Washington Post have a place in our life.

About an hour ago as we were having breakfast - my wife, daughter and me had a discussion on how nice the Cookies in the food section looked ( Thats what you can see on the top in this picture). The conversation was going to evolve around how we could make the weekend a fun activity and make some of these cookies.

I am heavily plugged in to the Internet and to me a Newspaper is like a RSS reader. It usually does a good job of collecting news and information and if it doesnt I just move on.

I felt passionate enough on this to stop and take this picture.
Washington Post please do not take this to heart . I am sure the poor soul who threw this paper must have had a million things on his mind.

If you want to read the cookie article go to this link


Matt Barry said...

I personally like to get all my news online. It's much easier to get the information that I want, when I want it. I feel that newspapers are often times one-sided or biased (though, I do not have much experience with the Washington Post itself). When I read a story, it will be in a topic that I am generally interested in. If it is one sided or if it requires more research, the internet allows me to go off on a tangent and get another opinion quite easily.

Matt Barry said...

By the way... that should have been a recycling bin, not a garbage can. Reading online keeps us green. ;-)