Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The multi-talented Jeff Hibbard - An example to emulate

Jeff Hibbard  is a gem. A gentleman in the social media ( doesn't imply others aren't :) ) I mean when he is around there is nothing but positiveness in his talk. He is very helpful and a very nice guy to  talk to. Passionate about social media.

  here is a imaginary interview with Jeff Hibbard. Kindly note that there is not even a shred of truth in these answers and they are a figment of my imagination.

Q) Jeff why do you go around the beltway with a camera in your truck?

A: This is part of a grand plan that involves a multi-million dollar project. In future the traffic in the beltway will only worsen. I am now getting familiar with the mobile video blogging technology and the plan to montezie my technology is 2 fold :
  1. I will then sell my expertise to one of the Big 3 US auto firms and they will include the video blogging as part of the standard package and that will enable them to beat the Japanese car makers. The idea is that if you car breaks down or if you are in traffic you can be less streesed if you video Blog from your car.
  2. When this succeeds we will have a lot of cars with video cameras. Now we will lease the data they collect to the local radio and Tv stations so they instantly know of traffic conditions and can zoom to any of the car cameras at the spot.

Q) Is there any truth in the rumor that you are starting the first creative firm focusing on Online TV shows.

A:Yes, currently you will find us creating ads for Jonny's par-tay. Now Jonny is a talented guy. Once his show gets picked by the national network my ads will not be far behind. We will go from Jonnywood to Hollywood. Who knows where we can go next.

I told you this was imaginary but the truth is that every week for Jonny's par-tay Jeff creates an ad. They are very funny and are keepers. He works hard at his own business and then tries to engage in his passion - Social Media. I am really happy that he is my friend and it was great to meet him online and off line.

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Schmooz said...

Yes, I totally agree with you, Shashi, about Jeff. I enjoy the commercials and his trips around the Beltway. What a pool of talent we have here with Jonny, Scott, and Jeff. Great people too.


Anonymous said...

When you have a social media friend (not just a follower but someone that gives 110%) that person is a "Hibby". Spread the "word".

Jeff is a definitely one person that gives without expecting.

Very cool of you to do this post.

Anonymous said...

Hi shashi!
Meeting people like you and my other social media friends has enrichened my life beyond description. And to think, it's only been a few months! The social media circle that I have found myself in is full of smart and talented people who love to get involved and help each other. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful group.
Thank you for your kind words and for being such a good friend.
Best Regards,
Jeff Hibbard