Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Sleep Awareness Week (March 7-13th, 2011) it's time to help put an end to poor sleep habits right now!

Quote startLess than half of Americans admit to getting a good night's sleep.Quote end

 According to a study released by the National Sleep Foundation, only 42 percent of Americans admit to getting a good night's sleep. That's less than half! Like so many others, bloggers often forego sleep in favor of balancing family, friends, and work. Add on the time spent tweeting, updating Facebook, or checking into Four Square and the average blogger has very little time left for themselves.

The makers of the Sound Asleep™ Comfort Pillow are asking bloggers nationwide to join them in celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week by participating in the first ever One Week to Better Sleep Blogger Challenge. Developed with busy bloggers in mind, this weeklong health challenge is designed to help spread the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

Not a blogger? That’s ok, take the challenge anyway! Visit the One Week to Better Sleep Blogger Challenge onFacebook (Facebook.com/TheSleepChallenge) to ‘like’ the page and join the challenge roster.

Step 1: Follow the seven nightly rules during National Sleep Awareness Week.

Step 2: Blog about the experience.

Step 3: Grab a challenge badge and share.

Sneak peak at challenge highlights: 

  •     Night #2 No alcohol or caffeine….
  •     Night #3 No sugary snacks…
  •     Night #7 No TVs or laptops…


The challenge runs Monday, March 7th through Sunday, March 13th. Come join and get healthy!


Florence Carole said...

I am one of the lucky 42% who consitently get a good night's sleep, thanks to my favorite mattress. Just wanted to know if there was a Better Sleep challenge sponsored by a certain mattress maker.

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J.Richmore said...

It is true and I agree. Most Americans are deprived from sleep due to stress or conditions that hamper sleep. Lack of sleep weakens our health.

rain said...

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Karen said...

Because of our fast paced lifestyle, sleep is but a dream. With all of these pressures bombarding us, our busy mind keeps working even when we have already dozed off.

Unknown said...

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