Monday, May 31, 2010

God and the bottom of the Pyramid

I started this blog to record thoughts of my dad. His last name is Reddy so the name "ready thoughts". My parents are visiting again and I am enjoying the conversations that we have.The perspectives from across the continents is definitely different or is it ?

At Webvisions (a conference of web designers and developers in Portland OR in May 2019) Kris Krug a well known fashion photographer said "it doesn't exist if it is nit on the Internet".He of course was referring to the fact that in today's world your work if art/photo has better chances if being discovered if you had your work online.

It was a coincidence that as I was walking with my dad, he said that inanimate objects have no power to publicize themselves but still get discovered and that's the power if God. I told my dad about what Kris Krug had said and he smiled and said then maybe the Internet is divine :)

Then we spoke about CK Prahlad and the theory of the "Bottom of the Pyramid". Many companies have subscribed to the theory that the consumers at the bottomnof the pyramid are a formidable consumer may be better to price the smaller packing cheaper than bulk packing so more units of the product are consumed.

Buying 5 packs if 100 gums each is cheaper than buying one pack of 500 gms.The Tata nano a cheap car is one example of a product catering to the bottom if the pyramid.

On wikipedia there is a great mention of the Bottom of the Pyramid including references to detractors of this theory.

In a way it makes sense and what do you think ?

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