Friday, March 5, 2010

Help Keep Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes

I am a member of the NPCA and love the fact that they are a organization that helps keep our National Parks natural.

Got a appeal from them about this issue and think its important enough for all of us to act.

The Great Lakes have been changing--and for the better! For years we have been investing in their care and in the national parks around them. But now, an invasive species--the Asian carp--has emerged and could reverse much of the good we have accomplished.
Asian carp are voracious eaters that can grow four feet long and weigh 100 pounds. They threaten to wipe out native lake trout, lake sturgeon, coaster brook and rainbow trout found in our Great Lakes and their parks. By gobbling up the same food that sustains native fish populations or by erratically leaping out of the water, Asian carp can quickly dominate entire aquatic ecosystems.
As the water warms with the arrival of spring, the carp will be on the move, increasing their chances of entering the Great Lakes. The impact of the Asian carp would be irreversible to the national parks of the Great Lakes and to the people, wildlife, and economies that rely upon the Lakes. We must act now to stop this invasive species! There are no second chances.
Take Action: Write to Congress now and tell them to hold federal agencies accountable so that every action possible is taken to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes and our Great Lakes national parks

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