Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alert from Montgomery County : Drivers please be more careful of pedestrians walking on the road ( applies anytime you drive)

Montgomery County officials are urging drivers to be especially alert for pedestrians walking in the roads because of snow-covered sidewalks.  Drivers should also be cautious when pulling out of side streets onto main roads.
Pedestrians should:
• Be careful crossing the street.
• Wear appropriate shoes and brightly colored clothing while walking in snowy or icy conditions.
• Be cautious of slippery crosswalks and sidewalks.
• Be aware that drivers may have difficulty maneuvering or stopping their vehicles.
• Wear reflective clothing or stickers for maximum protection, especially at dawn and dusk.
• Make sure vehicles are stopped and that they are seen by drivers before proceeding in front of them.
Some other safety tips for residents who are clearing snow and Ice are:
• Slippery driveways and sidewalks can be hazardous. Keep them well shoveled and apply abrasive materials to improve traction.
• When shoveling snow, avoid overexertion. Take frequent breaks.
• If snow has covered fire hydrants, shovel it away so firefighters can easily locate them in the event of an emergency.
Montgomery County law requires that all residential and commercial property owners clear their public sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm.
For more information or the latest snow-related updates, go to the County's website at   Montgomery County’s Highway Maintenance Section, Department of Transportation, continues to staff its Call Center to respond to residents’ road-related questions and concerns at 240-777-6000.

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