Monday, February 9, 2009

Montgomery County MD Parents : PTSA needs your HELP

Message to parents of children  living in the Churchill Cluster of schools and other parents who would like to support the PTSA.


URGENT NOTICE - The County Council just informed MCCPTA that public testimony for the Capital Budget is on Tuesday, Feb. 10 (1 days from now!) at 7:30 PM

The Churchill Cluster Coordinators will be testifying on the Capital Budget and Amendments to the FY 2009-2014 CIP.  MCCPTA was originally told by the County Council that this testimony would occur in April, not in February as is usually the case, but the Council suddenly changed their decision, much to our dismay.

YOUR ATTENDANCE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE - we hope you can join us - we need parents, students, teachers and staff to come support our testimony.

Many of our cluster schools are scheduled for modernizations and upgrades - the County Council is responsible for allocating the funds to MCPS for these projects. 

Please wear your school logo clothing so the council members can identify you in the audience.

The testimony is held at:

Council Office Building (COB)

100 Maryland Avenue

Rockville, MD 20850

We urge AS MANY people as possible to attend the testimony to show the County Council that these Capital Projects are priorities for our community.  Cabin John and Hoover Middle schools are the next two county middle schools to be renovated.  Parents from our feeder schools please come to show your support for these modernizations - your children will be the ones to benefit from these "new" schools. The Seven Locks and Potomac ES communities will be affected if the Seven Locks modernization is delayed so we need you.  It is important that we take advantage of this opportunity to testify, even if it is at the last minute.  We want to show the County Council, with our presence, that funding for these capital projects is a priority for us.

We have yet to be assigned an exact time for our testimony - you can call the County Council Office 240-777-7931 on Tuesday to get an approximate time for the Churchill Cluster.  Please plan to arrive earlier to allow for schedule changes, time to park, etc.

We hope you will join us on Tuesday evening.

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