Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Journalists seek leads on Facebook

Just saw a post on Facebook from Marissa Conrad ( Freelance Journlaist)reproduced below. Really amazing and I am sure she will get a lot of leads. Social networks are the way for future communications.I have seen several Washington Post journalists on Facebook and Exchanged some plesantries with DOn Graham the head honcho of Washington Post. The very fact that he replied tells me that they take Facebook seriously and are organized to respond.

Marissa Conrad's Post :
I'm writing a few "how we met" stories for Washingtonian's annual wedding guide, so I need to find engaged or married couples in the Washington area who have cute/funny/otherwise entertaining stories on how they met, fell in love, got engaged...

It will be a fun interview for a couple to do--who doesn't like talking about how they fell in love?

If you're interested or know anyone who might be, please e-mail me (Marissa) at Thanks!

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