Saturday, August 1, 2009

The White House Beer summit & WTO

Dana Milbank wrote a great article -" Beer Summit Wasn't One for the Guinness Book " where is concentrates on the brands , corporate origins and appropriateness and also gives a very colorful choice of beer selections for other politicians.

While I thought the President's choice of a BudLight was as American as it gets - Dana Milbank says " The president's beer of choice was made by a Belgian conglomerate" LOL :) I hope in that same vein the King Fisher brewed in NJ/Ny becomes an American Beer ( I have to confirm that King Fisher US is brewed here and not Bangalore)

I am beer fan and was thrilled that the US has gone from the Ping Pong Diplomacy to Beer Summits. If the US and the Russian presidents can solve the issue with a Vodka summit the Cold war will never be back . This takes care of the western world.

Manmohan Singh India's Prime Minister according to press reports is a Teetotaler but I bet he loves his lemonade ( i.e Nimbu Pani) so we have the option of a Lemonade Summit.

Thinking about the Islamic countries, when we decide to have a summit with Iran we call it the Doogh Summit ( Doogh is a combination of yogurt, water (or soda) and dried mint.) or have it off camera so non one knows who drinks what.

I like this idea. I am also glad that despite the pressure the President drank Bud Light ( Belgian company). Red Stripe is a Jamaican Beer ( made by a British company) and as Dana Milbak reports "Biden, for his part, went with a nonalcoholic Dutch beer, Buckler". Crowley's choice with the name "Belgian Ale" in it is brewed in Denver Colorado and no overseas connection except the name ( comment here if I am wrong). I hope they served it with a slice of orange.

BTW off topic but the web site of the Blue Moon Brewing Company is pretty cool.

In conclusion what you drink and what you drive may be as American as Apple pie but you never know where it is made or who owns the company making it. As for me I am going to have a King Fisher or a CusQuena beer when the President invite me over to the White House. What about you ?

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