Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blogger social 2008 - educational experience

I am on a plane to Las Vegas and just finished reading Rohit Bhargava's book 'Personality Not Included'. I will be reviewing the book in a seperate post.

This post is to let people know that included with the SWAG were several books PNI for one , Now is Gone by Geoff Livingston, Media Rules by Brian Reich and Dan Salomon. Forgive me for not lisitng all the books as blogging this from seat 10 F of Southwest flight from BWI to Las Vegas I don't have the other books in front of me.

Now in case you are wondering why I remember the 3 books, well for a start these books were written by authors from the DC area. The first two I consider my personal friends. Brian and Dan I have met at the launch party. Since I already own a copy I gave my copy of Media Rules to Susan Wade , my co conspirator in making Network Solutions join the conversation by creating a Social Media position. I like Rohit's description of social Media position- chief listening officer. Susan is probably reading Media Rules on another flight enroute to Orlando.

'Now is Gone ' was among my first books on Social Media and I own a collectors edition ( my defintion - purchased before the book was officially released)so my copy from the Blogger Social is going to Sophie Delpierre our VP Marketing who sacrificed her head count to create the Social Media Swami position and went to abt on behalf of Network solutions participating in the Social Media.

Who knows if we succeed in our goals of participation and listening we may get a mention in the second edition of both these books :) alongside Dell, Southwest, Intel...

The other book which I consider a excellent read is 'Naked Conversations' by Shel Isreal and Robert Scoble . I own a copy but still need to get Shel and Scoble to sign it for me.

I will include a list of other books we got from Blogger Social in another post. In fact one of them is in my checked in baggage for the journey back on Friday.

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