Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

I am not sure how I got this link. But it was on my screen yesterday. It must have been an intervention of positive forces that made me click on the link. The video is inspiring and awesome, in fact I am behind 6 Million people who already viewed this video. Watch and get inspired.

Randy Pausch's Home page is here

He also lead some cool projects for novices / School students called Alice project

Guys like him are the reason why there is innovation, humanity and kindness. hats off to Randy Pausch

Update : Another inspirational link from Jess Kutch: @shashib Saw your tweets on living out childhood dreams, and thought you might enjoy this: http://tinyurl.com/2wogx3 ( Great story there too)

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Paula Brantner said...

I learned about Randy Pausch through the Freakonomics blog at the New York Times. Head there for more info about this incredible person's amazing life. We'd like to think that when the time comes, we'd be like him, but how many people (of those who have notice like he does)live their lives like he is doing now?