Friday, December 21, 2007

Frozen Peas Fund

Susan Reynolds is the nicest person you can meet online. Not so long ago she announced that she was being tested for breast cancer and all of us had to pause and ponder. Why does this happen to nice people?

Please join the Frozen Peas Fund group on Flickr. Donate for breast Cancer Research at

Here are some people who have been working hard and contributing to this effort. I am sure there are many others I may not have mentioned or do not know about:

AnnOhio is a tireless do gooder. Her post on Frozen Peas Friday says she has sacrificed even her regular Friday Avatar ! She is so full of cheer and humor.

Connie Reece was instrumental in creating a Flickr group Frozen Peas Fund and has great post on Community vs. Cancer
Laura Fitton of Pistachio Consulting helped set up the Frozen Peas Feed

Chris Brogan has included links and his post will tell you how the Frozen Peas Fund this unfolded.

Michelle Wolverton -Chelpixie dia a lot of work for the blog and also posted at

LoicLemur's post on Frozen Peas

Tojosan posts his wisdom on Thoughts of a middle aged programmer

Thursdayb Posted details of the Frozen peas

Pho Trade will donate for every peaavatar posted

AlphaBunny photos has utterz comments on Frozen Peas

This is a amazing story of the community coming together for a good cause.


Anonymous said...

This is David Neff over at the American Cancer Society. Thanks so much for posting about this. Susan is just one of the many women that face Breast Cancer every year. Thanks for helping us spread the word that this disease is treatable if caught.

- Dave

P.S. If your coming to SXSW this year come hear us talk Frozen peas on our Interactive Panel.

Dragonfly said...

vote for ijustine for Frozen Pea Fund,

She is doing quite well but needs more votes to reach the top.

Dragonfly said...

Good Luck Ijustine, it is a great thing you are doing and we are all pulling for you, for Frozen Pea Fund.

Fight Cancer!