Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flirting 101 with Rachel DeAlto: Relationship Expert Reiterates the 5 Essential yet Forgotten Flirting Rules

"Flirting is all about making someone smile - do it right and they'll come back for more!"

Here are her tips on flirting and how women should follow:

- IT'S ALL IN A SMILE: It's the oldest advice ever - smile! You have no idea how it even changes the way you talk!

- ENGAGED MUCH? At least pretend like you are listening. Everyone wants to feel like someone is paying attention to them.

- WOLFPACK WOES: Break away from the pack - most people feel intimidating approaching a group to talk to someone.

 - HUMOR IS HOT!: Don't take yourself too seriously.  

THEIR BIGGEST FAN?: Leave his friends alone - if you start flirting with his wingman, he wont think you are into him (or worse)!

And when all of the above can't allow you to muster up the strength to be as present as you'd like…pick up Rachel's FlipMe!  
FlipMe Revolutionizes "How to Date" Rules & the Online Dating Scene

Popular Flirting Tool Empowers Women to Channel their Inner Coquette & Make the First Move

  • Give a prospective love interest a card with a sweet, sassy or sexy statement
  • Log into your profile to see if he has responded
  • Upon a response, connect and become intrigued with the new form of flirting

About FlipMe:
What FlipMe really is, is a philosophy. It’s here to say – let’s have fun again, and be confident. Get out there, meet people and make a connection! It’s breaking the ice made easy. You take charge of your dating life by giving your sassy, flirtatious side the perfect sidekick. FlipMe brings a casual confidence to meeting newpeople by offering a clever way to say “hi.” This stylish accessory is a simple and intriguing way to break the ice and let someone know you’re interested without divulging your personal details. When you purchase a pack, you get 30 cards, each with a unique code that lets the luck recipient view your profile and send you messages. No one gets access unless you give them a card, and no one gets to see your personal information. It’s a safe, secure way to put the fun back in flirting.

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