Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stark and unexpected lesson in personal safety

Today was a very eventful day- It began with a visit to the White House and ended with a realization that your world is controlled sometimes by forces that you have no control over.

I am a regular listener to WTOP ( other than when I am listening to Jack Diamond on Mix 107.3) and hear the every day headlines like "Fairfax woman wakes to man's hands around her neck" or Dog shot after attacking school children on bus, and usually being human beings we always assume it is happening to someone else.

We had some friends over and were our usual selves joking chatting and generally making a lot of noise and then we decided to move from the Family room to the dining room. We heard the door sensor beep and that was unusual as everyone was right there. Looking into the family room we saw the deck door was slightly open and a stranger was standing there.He said his wife was beating him and he was running away from her. My first reaction was how did he get to the deck which has no staircase and is quite high from the ground. my first reaction was to get him out of the house and so I heard him say things like " my daughter goes to school with your son " I told him that I wanted him out of the house immediately. it helped that the house was crowded and he was outnumbered and he left through the front door. We called 911 and we did not see which direction this person went. As soon I mentioned intruder to the 911 operator she immediately asked me for details and description and said the Police were looking for a person of interest . Within a few minutes the detectives arrived along with a sniffer dog.

At the time of writing  the police appear to know who they are looking for as he allegedly fled from a accident scene and he has not been caught yet. I think he scaled the walls to climb the deck and was running away from the sniffer dogs chasing him. When it started raining he may have tried the deck door and open it.

We are lucky we had invested in a  Security system that let us know when the door was opened alerting us. You can never be too prepared.

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Elizabeth F. Stewart said...

Whoa, creepy, Shashi! Glad you are all OK.