Friday, January 7, 2011

From @tbd Man attacked by kids at L'Enfant Metro -- bystanders watch, film it (video) - @TBD On Foot |

Man attacked by kids at L'Enfant Metro -- bystanders watch, film it (video) - @TBD On Foot | "On Sunday night, Allen Haywood was randomly and viciously attacked by two kids on the platform of the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station. Dozens of people witnessed it. Several people filmed it. Nobody helped."

I was reading this story on TBD and I am shocked . This is the capital of the superpower of the world and this happened at 7.15 p.m not even at an unearthly time which is bad as well . I grew up in India and usually I was very confident that if anything like this happened passersby would always come to the rescue. The least anyone could have done is to call 911. I am also ashamed that many folks took out their cameras to record a video. In this day and age reporters covering events and incidents usually sacrifice their story to help the victim and hope that stands true.

I think we need to develop a culture where some sacrifice is called for in helping others even if you do not know them. I am however heartened by the news "DC's Guardian Angels will up their patrols on trains & stations following recent violence: " tweeted by @tbd.

This is very unAmerican behavior. I know this country has heroes. Folks like the passengers of "United Airlines Flight 93" and many serving and retired Armed Forces personnel and of course the DC Guardian Angels who will now patrol the Metro.

What do you think ? Do we play a role in incidents of this type?

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