Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 simple ideas about the Economy in the Washington Post Today : Please RT

The first idea is in the Metro Section of the post where a fiscally responsible single mom Shawn Goldstein of Chevy Chase  - recently laid off from her job as construction manager - writes :


Why not have the mortgage payments of the unemployed reduced to 31 percent of their current income and tack on the unpaid monthly amount to the end of the loan? This would keep responsible people, who are in their current financial situation because of layoffs in this economy, in their homes.

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The second is a Op-Ed by RICARDO J. CABALLERO called "How to Lift a Falling Economy" . Ricardo is  head of the Economics Department and director of the World Economics Laboratory at MIT.

The proposal: The government pledges to buy up to twice the number of bank shares currently available, at twice some recent average price, in five years.

How much would this cost taxpayers? Probably nothing.

Read the article  in the Washington post

If you have influence both these seem like a logical and reasonable suggestions. Do you se any reason to disagree with these suggestions - Then pleae comment here so we can debate?

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Anonymous said...

thanks for highlighting my letter to the post!

i recieved various responses, the secretary of MD told me it would be impossible to do.....and i should call my lender for forbearence on my loan - the point was to not acrue late fees and penalties....Mikulsky sent me a lovely email with all sorts of numbers to call for assistance.

i'm still unemployed.