Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's in the news in Hyderabad - India

Indian Embassy Bomb Blast in Kabul

There was a bomb blast in the Indian Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan in which a Defense attache and a diplomat died along with 41 others and 141 injured. A lot of victims were innnocent people waiting in a visa line.

Did you know ?

  • India is the 5th largest aid provider for Afghanistan and provides non-military aid for infrastructure projects
  • India does not share a land border with Afghanistan
  • There is speculation that ISI the intelligence wing of the Pakistan Army may have aided the Taliban for this blast.

Nuclear Deal may force the government to seek a vote of confidence

The central government took a strong stand to agree to the US sided Nuclear deal. In taking this stand the Left front that is in coalition that supports the government withdrew its support. Now there is a huge influence peddling to form new relationships to help the current govt continue.

Love blossoms between 64 year old International Serial killer and 20 year old nepali girl

Charles Shobraj a french national was wanted in several countries for murder and is currently serving life imprisonment in Katmandu Nepal. He met a 20 year old girl and they announced their engagment.

The real story in the paper here is how a Florida firm has registered the domain nihitabiswas.com with honorable intentions i am sure :)

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